Unable To Publish Third Party Updates To SCCM With SCUP


So, I’ve been trying to setup third party updates management with my current SCCM 2012R2 setup. I will not go into details how to setup and install components let’s save it for some other time. Here is the brief overview though:

Only way third party updates (not all of them!) can be managed via SCCM is to use SCUP.  System Center Updates Publisher uses catalogs created by software providers and then publishes them as updates to SCCM through WSUS. As i said above software providers publish catalogs and you will have to know where to search them, download and import for each one of them. If you are lazy and have couple hundred dollars laying around you can buy catalogs from companies such as shavlik and patchmypc. Basically, they do all work for you, all you need to do is to give them your money.

Anyway, i installed SCUP, imported certificate, got catalogs (did not pay a dime!), imported them and at the last step where you click on next first time and hope everything will be okay Murphy’s Law kicked in.

For some unknown reason publishing the update to SCCM failed


Thanks to beautiful “here” link, no need to search for log file. Click on it and you have nice not so huge file full of unknown symbols. This is where i found why publishing was failing:
PublishPackage(): Operation Failed with Error:
CreateDirectory failed at Microsoft.UpdateServices.Internal.BaseApi.Publisher.PublishPackage
(String sourcePath, String additionalSourcePath, String packageDirectoryName)

Hmm!, go figure which directory is it going to and why it is failing. As i said above, SCUP utilizes WSUS and uses it’s folder structure.In particular it uses “WsusContent” and “UpdateServicesPackages” folders. However, in my case when i tried to find WSUS folders there were none. By default WSUS directories are found under C:\WSUS, but if you are running non-standard setup or guy before you screwed something up (which is always the case)  folders my not be there or they may simply not be there anymore. One way of finding the folder locations at least where they’re supposed to be is to dive into registry key:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Update Services\Server\Setup

and look at the value of ContentDir entry


Okay, this looks good but what do i do if there are no folders under F:\Sources\Wsus? Glad you asked. I went ahead and created both  “WsusContent” and “UpdateServicesPackages” directories and assigned permissions as follows:

NTFS permissions for WSUSContent and UpdateServicesPackages

  • NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM – Full Control
  • NT AUTHORITY\NETWORK SERVICE – Write, Read, Synchronize
  • Builtin\administrators – Full Control
  • Hostname\Wsus Administrators – FullControl

Share permissions for WSUSContent and UpdateServicesPackages

  • Builtin\Administrators – Full
  • Everyone – Read
  • NT Authority\Network Service – Full
  • Hostname\WSUS Administrators – Full

Sure enough, after giving it one more try I was able to publish updates via SCUP


and it also showed up in my SCCM console after synchronizing software updates


In the picture above icons with green arrow are actual packages and ones with blue arrows are metadata only.

This is it for today folks.

Until next post.

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