After upgrading your System Center Configuration Manager from 2012R2 to 2012R2 SP1, you might encounter couple warnings if you are lucky and you might end up with bunch of warnings and errors if you are not. One of the components in my environment  was SMS_INVENTORY_DATA_LOADER  with warning sign next to it.


If you right click on it and go to  “Show Messages -> All” and look for Message ID 2719, you will see the error message and digging deeper will give you explanation on why SMS_INVENTORY_DATA_LOADER went to warning state:


If you were patient enough to read the message while hovering over the log, you probably already know the solution and if not this is what you need to do:

Go to registry, find the key:
and modify it’s default value from 5000000 (4C4B40 HEX) to 50000000 (2FAF080 HEX), which basically means increasing the size from roughly 5MB to 50MB.


You will have to wait until next cycle for warning to go away. If you would like to remove it immediately – just delete the logs with errors and warning in them or reset the count for all error and warning messages and refresh the component couple times.


It can take up to 10-15 minutes before it’s status changes back to green.


If there is some underlying issue remaining, don’t worry it will pop up the next morning.

That is all this time. In next post we will look into SMS_SRS_REPORTING_POINT warning.


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